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What are the materials used for casting?

First the body part to be cast is covered in a light layer of vaseline or baby oil. Then it is covered in alginate, a non toxic and organic material. We can also use a silicone compound for re-usable mold if requested.


Is the casting material safe on my skin?

Yes it is, the material used to cast is a non toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable

product called alginate. This product is commonly used by dentists to take dental



How long does it take to mold?

The times can very depending on what you are having molded, typically casting time is

between 10 minutes for a hand to 35 mins for a family of hands.

There is approximately 5 minutes either side of your casting for set up and clean up. At the end of

the casting your negative mold is taken to create your cast in a product of your choice. Either plaster of Paris or resin.


How is the process done?

The casting process is a fun and interactive experience.

First of all, you would choose a position for the part you are having cast. In the example of a hand, we lightly cover the hand in a baby oil, and then place your hand into the alginate for 2-3 mins, and then once the material has set around your hand, you gently pull your hand out. You now have a mold to cast into.


How long does it take for the alginate to set?

It generally sets very quickly approximately with in 2-4 minutes.


Is it a messy process?

Not really. We take great care to avoid any mess, however there is a small chance of a drip or two so we provide clear plastic aprons to protect your clothes.


What are the payment terms?

Cash or credit card.


Can you only make plaster casts?

We can create your mold in different types of materials such as white plaster of Paris or cold

cast urethane resin. The cold cast resin process is a mixture of metal powder with a

translucent casting resin. The finished cold casting gives the appearance and weight of

solid metal.


Can I reuse the mold?

We use two different types of molding material, either an alginate which is a one time

use or silicone which can be used many times.


When will my product be available to take home?

In most cases your cast would be available to take away with you the same day. However times may

vary due to different options of finishing. In such cases the piece will typically be ready within two days. Delivery or shipping can be arranged at additional costs.


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